Tuesday, May 8, 2007

These are not the droids you're looking for.

You can thank the scrumptious Emily for the inspiration to this blog entry.

Here's a small sample of the interesting search terms that have brought people to this blog:

i'm bored boobs

Ironically, I've used this exact Google search before. Welcome, friend.

lucious boobs

A man after my own heart. I hope you weren't too disappointed when you just found a bunch of words here instead of pictures of said lucious boobs.

forced tit growing stories

This one kinda scares me a little. What does it mean? I've never seen tits be forced to grow before. Is it painful? Does it work? I will have nightmares about this search for the rest of my life.

"writing about boobs"

I clearly write about boobs way too much.

what is fred savage doing

Whoever you are, sir, know that this is a question that plagues me on a daily basis. What is Fred Savage doing?

"fucked his girlfriend" smashing his guitar

I found this one interesting. Does he mean smashing his guitar while he fucked his girlfriend? Was he looking for tips on how to do it right?

My advice: use a safeword

Anyway, that's all for today. I think I'll turn this into a regular feature. Thanks again, Emily.


Emily Blake said...

Scrumptious, now eh?

I like the sound of that. Keep it coming.

Haha I said coming.


IQCrash said...

My new favorite game is to find reasons to link to you in order to use new adjectives.

annabel said...

This is funny!

Scott T.K. said...

How do you get to know which search terms brought people to your blog?

PS: I'm from FCP and from all the sig blogs, yours is my very favourite.

IQCrash said...

Hey Scott, thanks for the kind words.

You need to install Google Analytics (or some other counter) in order to find out stuff like the search terms.