Thursday, May 3, 2007

Quick Writing Update

So things between me and my new collaborator are going really well. She laughs at all my jokes, and so far we're really proud of the stuff we're coming up with together. Hopefully the chemistry will translate to the page.

We're on a really tight schedule but cranking things out at record pace. Draft 1 has a deadline of May 15th - yikes. Good thing we work well under pressure.

If nothing else, this is turning out to be a great process. We're both having fun with the writing and looking forward to contributing new things each day. Before you know it, I'll be living a life of luxury as a professional screenwriter - a thousandaire.

May 15th here we come.


Anonymous said...

is your collaborator one of the scribosphere bloggers or someone you hooked up with locally?

IQCrash said...

Met her on Artful Writer and she is part of the bloggers.

Don't tell me you want to make it a threesome, quill.