Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Google Diaries

It's time once again to address the random people finding their way to this blog through various, odd keywords. So without further ado, here are just a few of the search terms that have somehow directed some of you here.

"on my lap" our ankles tied together tits

Hello, fetish boy. I'm almost certain you were disappointed with what you found here. If it's any consolation, I appreciated the fact that you seemingly threw in "tits" for no reason at the end of your search.

male forced to grow breasts

Really. Really?

Who the hell is forcing you to grow breasts? And more importantly, why the heck are you Googling about it instead of calling the cops.

big biodomes boobs


sister fucked hot tub

I think I've seen that DVD.

forced grope boobs

Please don't force a grope on the boobs, sir. If the boobs don't come willingly, the grope is much less satisfying.

stranger grabbing boobs

I seriously write about boobs way too much.

ahhh, she'd like this

Yes. Yes, she would.

boobie connoisseur

Yes. Yes, I am.

How can I be of assistance?

super enhanced boobs

Jesus. Do you people search about anything else?

marine dudes+morning erection

I'm sorry I asked.

You took a wrong turn somewhere on the internets, Mr. Marine Dude Morning Erection.

You've come to the wrong place. I write about boobs.


Scott T. K. said...

lol @ "male forced to grow breasts"

funny thing is, in your previous search terms entry, there was a somthing... uhm...
here: "forced tit growing stories"

seriously, wtf...? have you written some sort of creepy story I might have skipped/missed?

also, I like the "i'm a dog" speech from the previous post... I'll make sure to use it [if I have permission to do so] whenever the situation demands it.

Ricker said...

I love this blog.

IQCrash said...

I've written plenty of creepy stories, but nothing about tits being forced to grow.

Perhaps it's a sign for my next spec: HONEY, I GIGANTISIZED YOUR BREASTS

You're free to use the I'm a Dog speech as long as you credit me afterwards.

Anonymous said...

'Mr. Marine Dude Morning Erection. '... I have heard of a soldier with a purple helmet saluting at 7am, but this is ridiculous... said...

Oh shit, that was funny!

I found you through a link from another screenwriting website and really loved and appreciated the first two posts I read (about your progress thus far and about not being afraid).

Then I read this one and just couldn't stop laughing.

Thanks for that.

Good luck with Austin.