Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rock and Motherfucking Roll

In case you haven't heard the big news, Chinese Democracy is finally scheduled to drop, November 25th. Of this year. About fucking time, Axl. About fucking time.

But even with the second coming of Mr. Rose, can we save rock n' roll? Is it even salvageable?

It used to be, you couldn't turn on the news without hearing about Tommy Lee going back to rehab or Axl breaking someone's nose at a concert. Those guys and rock n' roll was the reason most of us turned out the way we did. It was inspiring.

And as ugly as Vince Neil was, you wanted to be his cock, even if just for a day - so you could wake up in the morning, do a line of coke and a shot of whiskey, then wrangle up the groupies and fuck 'til you passed out.

And now? Now Nikki Sixx is writing his memoirs of drug addiction, and Duff McKagan is just a down home dad trying to make ends meet. Now Britney Spears and Amy Whinehouse are the badasses. Now Jonas Brothers are the ones making news.

Amy fucking Whinehouse and the Jonas fucking brothers.

I weep for the music of today. It sucks.

And you suck for not raising your children better, because they're the ones buying this crap.

Chinese Democracy is a great start, and hopefully a step in the right direction - but jesus, people - stop listening to Panic at the Disco and go out and actually buy Chinese Democracy. Drink. Fuck. Break stuff. And play some Paradise City before it's too late.

Motherfuck the Jonas Brothers.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Flying Solo. Maybe.

I sure hope nobody still reads this blog.

How sad would that be? Checking back day after day long after I've totally abandoned you like a cheap whore. Then again, if that were the case, I just blew your mind.

I'm glad I could do that for you.

Anyway, it's good to know this thing is still here.

I've been kicking around the idea of writing again - don't think I really gave it the ol' college try the first time around.

So who knows.