Thursday, March 1, 2007

Three whole days...

I've written a whopping two more pages on my Entourage script. This is exciting because regardless of how little two pages may seem - it's forward motion - something I'm not always so great at.

In the meantime I've also been looking for help and guidance anywhere I can get it. I tossed an email to my friend Mercy Malick and she was kind enough to offer me the following bit of advice:

... I can only speak from my own experience, so here are the three options as I know them:

1. Enter it in as many contests as possible, and simultaneously send it to as many literary agents as possible. Lists of both of the above are probably available via the internet, or go to Samuel French bookstore (two locations, on Sunset in Hollywood and on Ventura in Studio City), and I'm sure they can sell you exactly what you need.

2. Hook up with a small local production company. This works best if it's a relatively low-budget thing. I would just start asking around, friends-of-friends sort of thing. You can also just go on Craigslist and the like, because everybody's always looking for scripts, and sometimes they actually get made that way.

3. Attach yourself as a Producer on it, and find investors yourself, which is what I did. If you're a good salesman type person, this is the way to go, in my opinion. You make sure it actually gets made (unlike the 9 out of 10 scripts optioned by studios, where you get a lot of money, but it never sees the light of day), and it gets made the way you want it to (because as I'm sure you know, a mere writer has absolutely no say whatsoever). The downside to this is that it's a colossal pain in the ass, but at this point I could walk ya through the process ;)

It also turns out that my downstairs neighbor, who recently moved to Los Angeles from New York, is a screenwriter! Small world. I plan to contact her over the next few days and possibly get some advice from her too.

Overall, I'm still optimistic and moving forward.

That's about all I can ask of myself.
  • One demerit for lack of profanity in this post.

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