Sunday, March 4, 2007


It's 3:00 pm. Now you may be wondering what the significance of the time is, so I'll tell you:

I'm not waiting until the last minute to post this blog entry.

I know, I know - I'm as surprised as you are. Instead of letting the deadline creep up on me and at the last minute coming up with something, I'm actually just doing it without any pressure. It's a sign, I tell ya. The lazyness is being exorcised.

So I'm a little more than half way done with the Entourage spec and am really, really loving it. This is my first run-through at this, so I'm being assured that my writing process will continue to streamline itself the more I do it. Regardless, though, I absolutely love the script so far!

I can literally see and hear the true characters saying these lines, and it's flowing pretty well.

Rick has been a huge help to me throughout all this. We have a bit of a Roxanne arrangement going on - he helps me with my writing, and I give him useless advice on life that he'll probably never use. It's all very complicated and sexy.

Anyway, keep your fingers cross that I finish this first Entourage project by tomorrow. That's my goal.
  • Another demerit for lack of profanity. I'm slipping in my old age.

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Ricker said...

ROOOOOOOOXANNE! You don't have to wear that red dress tonight...