Sunday, January 4, 2009


Still trying to find my story, but I'm continuing to write for at least an hour a day and eat healthy.

That's three days in a row, gotta be some sort of world record for me.

And I know, I know - I'm totally being a fag when it comes to this whole "I need to find my story" thing. Believe me, I know. It pains me to be such a slobbery vag like this.

There's a little voice on one shoulder, "Just fucking write! Sit down and write, Jesus!"

And I am. I am writing.

Everything I'm churning out is crap in my opinion, but I'm writing. And I think I'll eventually stop dropping pablum nuggets and get to something real, or I'll just throw in the towel.

Maybe I need to go out and have a new adventure, something that'll get the juices flowing - literally and metaphorically.


wonderwoman said...

Is it crap?. So go out and have this wild adventure of the unknown. It might be what you need a little ice to cool you down, but not put out the flames or fire.

Anonymous said...

have you read any augusten burroughs? he wrote running with scissors. but also a bunch of other books. including one i'm reading right now called magical thinking. you may like it.

at the risk of offending you (which i'm sure i've done before, so you'll please forgive me for sins past, present and future), he kind of reminds me of a gay you. if you were gay, you'd be him.

not like i know either of you. maybe it's your writing styles. maybe you both were in advertising and i generalize like people racialize.

anyway...this has nothing to do with your post. oh well.

IQCrash said...

You could never offend me.

I'm as close you can get to a closet homosexual while still loving the pussy.

I'll check him out.