Sunday, November 11, 2007

No More Movies

I hadn't planned on writing about the strike.

To somehow discuss the impact it's having on my plans to break into the industry, when professional writers are out there making real sacrifices to their livelihood would have been self-absorbed, in my opinion.

And while I usually have no qualms with putting myself above others, I genuinely respect a lot of these guys.

I did do some thinking, however - about how I could make a difference.

That's when I decided to write this blog.

While I can't refuse to write another word until the strike is over, I can refuse to buy another DVD. I can refuse to go to a movie theater.

I can withhold the one bit of leverage I have in this situation - my wallet.

So from this day forward, until the strike ends - no more movies.

No more box sets of television shows, no Christmas DVD purchases, and no date nights that include movies.

As our friends out there walk the picket line, and refuse pay for God knows how long this strike might last, I think this is the least we could do for them.

I did struggle with this decision, as a lot of people I respect have movies coming out in short order.

Derek Haas' wonderful 3:10 to Yuma was recently released, and his next smash Wanted is set to premier in March of 2008.

Jeff Lowell's directorial debut Over Her Dead Body premiers in February of 2008.

Tim Talbott's The Stanford Prison Experiment comes out next year as well.

Along with many others.

So I struggled with whether I was making the right decision here, because I would love nothing more than to support these men and women and their movies.

But at the end of the day, I decided that they do have my support.

And while I'll buy their DVDs once this strike is over - for now, until the moguls start listening - my pledge is simple:

No More Movies.


Rod Thompson said...

Will this include Porn?

IQCrash said...

I don't think porn counts.

Not internet porn, anyway - because the internet is this new crazy thing we don't know much about.

Earl Newton said...

Clearly porn is for promotional use only.

Just don't promote yourself too much, you may go blind.

Christina Shaver said...

Good for you. As for me, I'm taking Mr. ADHD to see Bee Movie this afternoon. Because moms can't go on strike.

IQCrash said...

I think moms could have a big impact during this Holiday season by supporting something like this.

Just sayin' :)

Anonymous said...

The problem with your plan is that if everyone did this there would be no industry to go back to.

Look what happened to Moonlighting back in 1988. The same thing is going to happen to the small guys in the industry. The million dollar screenwriters will be ok, but for the people trying to break in...pfff....we're gone...

annabel said...

I am sorry Dan, but I am with Christina on this one. I am taking the kids to see Fred Claus today (Oh, lucky me!)

Jeff said...


Not sure where I stand on this. If this were really widespread, the blow to the individuals working on a movie - writers, directors, actors, producers, etc, etc - would probably be more pronounced than the blow to the studios.

No one's going to look back and say "oh, that movie tanked because of a boycott because of the strike," they'd say "oh, that movie tanked."

Christian M. Howell said...

Damn strike. Things were going so god. I had people reading my stuff and asking for mor, now I have to play either producer or un-produced writer.

Did I say Damn strike?

Though I blame not the writers. This is a ploy by Big-Media to cut their costs to the minimum while keeping the 16 jets fueled and the "family" working.

The funniest thing is that the DGA is nowhere to be seen or heard. It's looking like the writers and actors vs the producers and directors. That sucks.

Directors get residuals.

Dante Kleinberg said...

I have been doing this by accident for some time, having not seen a movie since "King of Kong" in September, and will probably not see anything else until late December or January.

Good thing video games designers aren't on strike.

Aaron Silverman said...

"I would love nothing more than to support these men and women and their movies"

Which one's the woman?

IQCrash said...


Josh said...

Jul and I decided to only buy used DVDs for awhile if we feel like we absolutely need to buy them.

Get ready for a miniscule bump in sales for Amazon Marketplace.

Tim Talbott said...

This policy is LAME, IQ.

If you want to see movies, see movies.

In most instances, the writers have very little involvement/effect beyond the time that they turn their drafts in.

Movies suck because they suck.

Because financiers, be them studio or otherwise, don't care as long as the product makes money.

And I can't believe that not going to movies at this point will really have any sort of demonstrative effect.

Unless you don't go to movies BECAUSE they suck.

And continue to not go until movies get better.

However, if the strike persists long enough, there simply won't be any movies to go to.

So not going to movies you can't go to is kinda moot.

But hey, I appreciate the sentiment, man, as I'm sure a lot of people do.

Thanks for giving a shit.

It would seem, based on attendance, that most people don't.

Rhea said...

Writers in all genres never get compensated fairly. The writers deserve what they are asking for, and much more!

annabel said...

No More Blogging?

Christina Shaver said...

<-- What she said.

Matt Hader said...

Dude -- Please start the blog again...

We miss your smartassery.

Unk said...


Just found your site inside my WordPress control panel -- thanks for the link.

While I do -- more or less -- support the writer's strike i.e., that they definitely need better residuals, you gotta remember that the films in the theaters have already been paid for and without a doubt, there are writers still getting paid on the back end of these.

In other words, they're a wash.

Not that you shouldn't boycott them -- it's a free country.

So I haven't read all your blog but I see from your profile that you're giving yourself 12 months to "make it."

How many months left?


IQCrash said...

Hey Unk,


Not sure how many months are left at this point, I started in March of last year, I believe - but I do believe I should get an extension due to the strike.

I'll tally it all up and post an update eventually.

As for the rest of you - you win, I'll start blogging again. Animals.

Joe Josephson said...

"I can refuse to not go to a movie theater."

So...have you constantly been refusing to not go to movies (apparently by going all the time)?