Monday, February 2, 2009


I think I hinted at this with my last blog post, but now I'm just going to come right out and say it - I'm not cut out to be a writer.

I just don't have the discipline to churn out spec after spec in hopes of getting a sale and a foot in the door. I envy those of you who do.

Perhaps if there was more of a guarantee that I'd 'make it' if i continued to write, I would - but there isn't. I guess I'm not nearly as passionate about screenwriting as I thought I would be a year ago. I'm just not that guy after all.

I'll continue to write in my spare time, but I think, for now, this pipe dream is over and I'm going to go back into my former career. Some interesting opportunities have popped up since the new year, and I'm going to pursue them.

Keep on keeping on, you bastards. I'll see you around.


wonderwoman said...

Best of Luck and wish you well in what ever you do,like you said don't give up the writing in your spare time. Keep up with the Blog. Cya on the flip side

Désirée said...

There are so many people out there who says that you can if you want to.

That's not true.

I had a friend who dreamed about diving. A diver told her to take a class. No, she said, I can't dive. Sure you can, he said, anybody can dive. No, she replied, I've only got one lung. His encouraging smile faded and he admitted that under those circumstances she couldn't dive.

For me, it is easy to tell you to try a little longer. A year is nothing.

But I don't know your circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Heya Danny. Long time no checka da bloga. Well, I can't blame you. At all. But I thought you had talent. And skill. And personality. And a sense of the visual. So are you doing the right thing by choosing not to write spec after spec?

Yeah...I'd say so.

I personally think that's always been a bad approach and it's become a terrible approach (having tried it, and not quite quit it).

But are you doing the right thing by quitting entirely? I'm not so sure. I hope you at least consider ways of taking your talents and turning them towards filmmaking.

Seems to me you have a lot of options...other ways to wend.

You're only 31 dude. You live in LA. You're in Media. You'll have lots of other opportunities to put pieces of a pie together. These days, all you need is a good camera (which you can rent) and The Internet to shoot and distribute.

I'm still in the 'hood (N Vista, N of Sunset, natch) if you ever want to hike Runyon. Not that you do.

Hiking hater.

Anonymous said...
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